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Открыта регистрация на Уфимский международный марафон 2020

В 2020 году забег пройдет 13 сентября.
Уже сейчас ты можешь себе поставить классную цель – пробежать одну из дистанций самого массового забега города.
Самые выгодные слоты на сайте: https://russiarunning.com/event/ufa2020

Расписание Уфимского Международного Марафона

Напоминаем, что 31 августа на стадионе «Динамо» с 17:00-18:00 пройдут детские старты, возраст участников 0-9 лет.

1 сентября с 06:00 откроется стартовый городок, полное расписание Уфимского марафона можно посмотреть здесь.

С 06:00-14:00 будут перекрыты основные улицы, согласно маршруту, просьба заранее планировать передвижение и места для парковок.

До встречи на старте!

Завершение регистрации на уфимский международный марафон

30 и 31 августа в отеле Crowne Plaza Ufa – Congress Hotel (ул.Цюрупы,7) проходит выставка ЭКСПО Уфимского марафона. Здесь участники могут получить стартовые пакеты, пройти медицинское обследование и получить справки, посетить стенды партнеров мероприятия.

«Нас уже более 5200 человек – и это рекорд по сравнению с предыдущими годами. Регистрация на забег может завершиться в любой момент, – сообщают организаторы, поэтому лучше не оставлять это на последний день».

Актуальную информацию о свободных дистанциях необходимо уточнять на www.ufamarathon.ru

Для тех, кто не участвует в забеге в этом году, будет организована прямая трансляция марафона 1 сентября, событие будет доступно к просмотру по ссылкам: 

The number of participants in the Ufa International Marathon has exceeded 5000 people

Registration continues for the most anticipated sporting event of the year, the Ufa September International Marathon.

According to the organizers, on the morning of August 30, the number of participants, according to the electronic system, was recorded to be five thousand people.

The sports event will bring together runners of all ages for the fifth time.

As always, people with disabilities can participate in the Ufa International Marathon for free. At the moment, about 100 PWD have submitted their applications choosing distances from two to 42.2 km.

Registration for the Ufa International Marathon continues on the website www.ufamarathon.ru but may end earlier if the number of available slots is exhausted sooner than expected.

Popular art object in Ufa in the Square of Two Fountains has become a symbol of the Ufa International Marathon

Inscription “I love Ufa” assumed the colors of the Ufa International Marathon and an image of a runnerappeared on the heart.

By this way, the organizers of the key sport celebration of this summer decided to remind the citizens howimportant it is to stay fit so as to run a distance at the Ufa International Marathon-2019, which will takeplace on September 1st in the capital of Bashkortostan.

The event will be held for the fifth time with support from the Ufa Administration and Acting Head of theRepublic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov, but it became a momentous event for all sport enthusiastsalready in 2015 Today, the UIM is one of the ten largest marathons of Russia and one of the Top-100brands of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The Ufa Marathon is the most important and conclusive event ofthe Republican series of Bashrun runs, including semi-marathons in such towns as Sibai, Oktyabrsky,Blagoveshchensk, Yanaul.

The first Ufa Marathon in 2015 was attended by 1,616 runners from 7 countries, and the number of theparticipants at the fourth marathon has already exceeded 3,600 people from 18 countries. 5 years later,over 15 thousand people from 18 countries, 45 regions and 220 towns became the participants of theMarathon.

This year, a large scale festival “Ufa is the Sports Capital” will take place within the framework of the UfaInternational Marathon. Visitors will be able to attend three blocks of events: the city festival, the businessforum “Sport Russia” and the Ufa International Marathon.

Mixed fights, a bodybuilding championship, a bike show, street basketball, the show by the strongestperson of our Republic Elbrus Nigmatullin and other entertainment programs with the participation ofRussian and international pop singers will be held at the city festival. The second important part of theprogram will be the business forum “Sport Russia”. While it is ongoing, Ufa will become the center of thesport industry of Russia.

The forum will unite about 300 people – representatives of state authorities, leaders of social movements,politicians, leaders of international organizations and experts of world level. Preliminary negotiations havealready been held with the Ministry of Sport of Russia, leading clubs (including CSKA), and with federalorganization “Russia Running”. The key issues of the development of sport industry, physical educationand active longevity, and human capacity will be discussed within the framework of the forum.

The forthcoming 5th jubilee Ufa International Marathon, which will be attended by over 5 thousand peoplefrom 30 countries, will become the conclusive third block of the program. A pre-start warmup with OlympicChampions will be held for the participants; the event will end up with the award ceremony to honor thebest runners and with the finishers’ party. Dmitry Guberniyev will be the presenter of the event.

The runs by nominations of the sport celebration will include: the family run “Mommy, Daddy and Me –We’re a Sport Family”, the corporate run of the Republican business, a special run from partner “RedBull”, the run of the Russian regions, and the run “The Most Athletic Mayor”.

— In the nearest five years, the Republic of Bashkortostan must enter the top five regions of Russia in thelevel of sport development and population involvement in healthy life style, the organizers declare withconfidence.

An unusual charity event started in Ufa

A charity event #BeguPomogu will be held in Ufa for the third time. It is dedicated to the autumn UfaInternational Marathon held on September 1, 2019

The motto of the event: “Run and help those who really need it!”

The purpose of the charity event is to raise funds for 3 months training of the children with special needsfor those in ward of the Child Development Center at ECF “Markhamat” and for creation of atactile area for children in Ufa for fund “Breaking Barriers”.

Every single person can become a charity runner. To do it, you have to get registered for any distance atthe Ufa International Marathon, choose a charity fund you want to support – Marakhmat or BreakingBarriers, create a deed on the charity platform Sdelai.org to help children of the fund. Then you can sharethe information with your friends and relatives.

Over 20 people have already registered their good deeds on the platform “Sdelai!” to date. Among them,there is Ruslan Khabibov, the Minister of Youth Policy and Sport of the Republic of Bashkortostan,popular musician Zainetdin, deputies, bloggers, designers, etc.

Over 400 thousand rubles were raised in 2018 due to charity event “BeguPomogu” to support the childrenof the Child Development Center at ECF “Markhamat”.


On September 1, the Ufa International Marathon will be held for the fifth time in the capital.
The organizers promise that it will become a truly festive and memorable event.

“The Big Six marathons are famous all over the world such as the Boston, Chicago, Tokyo, London, New York and Berlin marathons. We would like to write the Ufa marathon into the history of Russia and we hope to be able to do it in the coming years! ”, they noted.


The Ufa International Marathon will be held for the fifth time with the support of the Administration of the City of Ufa.  For all our sports fans, the event became a major landmark event already in 2015.

Today, the UIM is one of the ten largest marathons in Russia and is among the Top 100 brands of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The Ufa marathon is the most important and final events of the republican series of Bashrun races, including half marathons in such cities as Sibay, Oktyabrsky, Blagoveshchensk and Yanaul.


The first Ufa marathon in 2015 was attended by 1616 runners from seven countries, while in the fourth marathon the number of participants exceeded 3600 people from 18 countries.

Over the past five years, more than 15,000 people from 18 countries, 45 regions and 220 cities have become participants in the marathon.

This year, as part of the Ufa International Marathon, a large-scale sports festival will also be held.

Three separate events are await guests: a city festival with many activities, a business forum and the Ufa International Marathon itself.

It is expected that guests from all over the world will be coming to the capital of Bashkortostan.

The city festival will host a mix-fight, bodybuilding championships, bike shows, street basketball, a performance by the strongest person in our Republic, Mr. Elbrus Nigmatullin and other entertainment programs with the participation of Russian and international pop stars.

Preliminary preparatory meetings have already been held with the Russian Ministry of Sports, leading sports clubs (incl. CSKA), as well as the Russia Running federal organization

Within the framework of the forum, the main issues of the development of the sports industry, physical education, active longevity and staff potential will be discussed.

The upcoming fifth Ufa International Marathon, which will bring together more than 5,000 people from 30 countries, will be the third and final activity of the program.

Before the start of the Ufa Marathon, there will be a warm-up activity for the participants with led by various Olympic champions, and the event will end with a ceremony of giving awards to the best participants and a celebratory festive event in honor of the finishers.

Mr. Dmitry Guberniev will act as the commentator of the event.

Among the races in the categories of the sports festival there will be: a family race titled “Mom, Dad, and I are an Athletic Family”, a corporate race of the republican business community, a “Red Bull” partner race, the race of the regions of Russia, as well as the race for the title of “The Most Athletic Mayor”.

“In the next five years, the Republic of Bashkortostan should enter the top five regions of Russia in terms of the level of development of sports and the involvement of the population in a healthy lifestyle,” the organizers of the event state with confidence.

Новые дистанции на Уфимском марафоне в 2019 году!

В этом году Уфимский международный марафон можно не только пробежать, но и пройти. Открыта отдельная регистрация для скандинавских ходоков: на 5 и 10 км, на финише все тоже получат медали. Зачем мы это делаем? Потому что хотим подарить спортивный праздник как можно большему числу людей.

1 сентября #уфабежит — а ты? 
Регистрация на ufamarathon.ru

Именитые пейсмейкеры побегут в Уфе в честь 5-летия марафона!

 У нас очередной, ого-го какой пейсмейкер!
Александр Гуляев — главный редактор журнала Марафонец, бегун-путешественник. Финишер 7 марафонов и  221 полумарафона в 17 странах мира.
1 сентября в Уфе Саша побежит на 1:49, в пути ты сможешь расспросить его про многочисленные забеги.

 Объявление о наборе пейсмейкеров в процессе, но уже сейчас ты можешь подать заявку на почту info@ufamarathon.ru

 в письме укажи свой беговой опыт и время, на которое побежишь. 

Первый летний фестиваль “Легенда Урала”

Обведи в календаре 28, 29 и 30 июня – самые яркие и спортивные выходные твоего лета! В эти даты команда организаторов Уфимского марафона устраивает спортивный фестиваль «Легенда Урала». 


 3 дня, 3 незабываемых старта и урожай из 3 медалей. 
Ночной забег в гору на 2 км, заплыв через озеро Банное (4 км или 1 миля), трейловые забеги на 12 и 25 км, детские старты. 
Все это на фоне невероятной природы Южного Урала с множеством санаториев и баз отдыха (для участников специальные цены на проживание). 


 Четкий хронометраж, стартовые пакеты с майкой и шапочкой для плавания, медали – присоединяйся! 
Подробности и регистрация на https://russiarunning.com/event/legendofural