Dear Friends!

I am truly happy to welcome the participants and guests of this jubilee, the Fifth Ufa International Marathon. Since 2015, Ufa has annually been receiving amateur runners and professional marathoners from various places of Russia as well as from all over the world. Over five years the Ufa International Marathon has gathered more than 15,000 participants from 18 countries. This year, we expect over 5,000 sportsmen from 20 countries and 220 towns to tread Ufa run tracks, including representatives of more than 50 corporate teams. Separately, family and children's races will be organized. We are glad that the popularity of Ufa as the sports capital of not only Bashkortostan but also of Russia is growing because the kind of sports that give people a unique opportunity to reveal their creative potential and to promote social activism is one of the vector directions in the development of our city. read more

Best Regards Ulfat M. Mustafin The Head of Administration of the District of Ufa of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The Marathon is conducted with the support of the administration of the District of Ufa.

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Каким будет Уфимский Международный марафон

1 сентября в столице в пятый раз пройдёт Уфимский международный марафон.
Организаторы обещают, что он станет по-настоящему праздничным и запоминающимся.

Продолжается регистрация на юбилейный Уфимский международный марафон

1 сентября в пятый раз в столице Башкортостана пройдет знаковое событие для профессиональных спортсменов и любителей бега.Участникам Уфимского международного марафона…

Стартовала благотворительная акция #бегупомогу

В третий раз в рамках Уфимского международного марафона состоится благотворительная акция #Бегупомогу в поддержку подопечных Центра детского развития БОФ “Мархамат”…

Новые дистанции на Уфимском марафоне в 2019 году!

В этом году Уфимский международный марафон можно не только пробежать, но и пройти. Открыта отдельная регистрация для скандинавских ходоков: на…

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Route Ufa International MarathonUfa, downtown
2 kilometers
5 kilometers
10 kilometers
10,5 kilometers2 laps - 21,1 км
4 laps - 42,4 км
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The city of Ufa
10 reasons for coming to the Ufa International Marathon:

1. Run a personal race: a smooth and high-speed route is waiting for your footprints.
2. Run in the city, where Shalyapin, Shevchuk and Zemfira started, and understand its inspiring atmosphere.
3. Learn about the Bashkir hospitality: from generous start packages to responsive volunteers and loud fans.
4. Enjoy the event in a huge company: 5000 participants are expected in the Fifth Marathon. Also, in the honour of the jubilee, the prices for the marathon and semi-marathon are the same.
5. Close the metabolic window in the most sinful and pleasant way: try the best honey in the world.
6. Get a T-shirt with honeycomb - the unexpected design smoothly originates from the previous item.
7. See the largest equestrian statue in Europe and later, get a medal with the statue on it.
8. Try our mysterious dishes: chak-chak, baursak, qistibi, elesh, kazylyk.
9. Visit the capital of Russian rap. No, we are serious: Ufa is the second Atlanta.
10. Go out of town and admire the Bashkir nature: see the cave drawings of the paleolithic era in the Kapova Cave or conquer one of the summits of the South Urals.
Advice for runners Exercises for runners Closer acquaintance with Ufa

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